Le Jardın de Monsıeur Lı by Hermes..



Jean Claude Ellena, who is the chief perfumer of Hermes Perfume House, claims that one should listen to the perfume, because there is always a story told by the perfume itself.  His travels to the exotic places always inspire him. So, Le Jardin de Monsieur Li is the latest fragrance he made for Hermes, inspired by the magic of Chinese gardens.

The perfume opens up with juicy, balsamic orange tonalities along with fresh minty accents. With this perfume, it is inevitable to feel myself in the field of fresh orange trees everywhere. The orangey side of this fragrance comes from kumquat, which is original to China and South Asia. After a while, the perfume still continues to tell its story, and the floral side comes to the scene. Now, soft and white floral aspect of the fragrance becomes visible more and more. The fragrance also has soft and fresh sillage. I really liked how this perfume made me feel like in a relaxing environment like a hidden, secret Chinese garden.


The fragrance was launched recently, this spring 2015, in the form of Eau de Toilette classified as citrus aromatic. It is a unisex perfume for both women and men, for women who want to show their masculine elegance; and for men who always want more than just an Eau de Cologne. The fragrance also has soft and fresh sillage. To me, it is one of the best summer fragrances out this year!

Major Notes: Kumquat, Jasmine, Mint

Favourıte Skın Care Rıtuals From Kıehls..


Since the beginning of this year, I started to change my skin rituals by trying the brands that I am not familiar with. Kiehls was one of those brands that I really wanted to learn more about. So, here are my favourite products from Kiehls. Enjoy exploring!


Ultra Facial Mositurizer: I can’t deny how much I love using this product every morning and every night. Thanks to its rich oil composition, my skin gets nourished every day. Especially, during the daytime, it protects my skin against the harmful pollution and it inhibits the loss of water by maintaining the skin’s hygroscopic property. I bet you are going to like its light and smooth texture when you apply it on your face.


Micro-Blur Skin Perfector: If you have a problem with the dilated pores on your face, this product can be the ultimate solution for your skin. In its composition, there are two major active ingredients such as the lipo hydroxy acid to exfoliate the skin and to decongest the clogged pores, bark and lentils extracts to soothe, condition and to refine the pores. Usually, I apply this cream every morning, especially just before the makeup as a base to reduce the appearance of the pores on my skin. It comes out with a standard foundation shade to hide the pore appearance and skin imperfections. Due to its quite light and smooth texture, you are not even going to feel it on your face after the application.


Creamy Eye Treatment: As seen in the name, this is a cream for the eye contour. Usually, I prefer having a gel eye contour treatment rather than having the cream version, because I like the way it makes me feel fresh and rejuvenated. The major active ingredient here is the avocado oil, which helps to moisturize and soften the skin. It has a bit pasty but also quite light texture. It keeps the eye contour moisturized all day long. To me, It is enough to apply this cream just at night before going to the bed. However, you can even apply in the morning as well, 2 times/day depending on your preference.

I hope you will find my review helpful!!! Stay tuned for the next episode of my skin rituals!!!

“Chance ıs my soul” – Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Chanel1Do you believe in chance? To be honest, I do believe!!!! Today, I want to present you the smell of chance; Chanel Chance which is created by Chanel Perfume House. In fact, this is a perfume collection created under the name “Chance”. Before going through all of the Chance family, today, I just want to show you what I liked the most in this family. That is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. chanel2 It has been launched in 2010 and created by the famous in-house perfumer Jacques Polge as a feminine fragrance. When I first smelled this perfume, I couldn’t figure out what I smelled exactly. There was a pungent grapefruit note, but not that overwhelming. Normally, I am not a huge fan of grapefruit note in perfumes. But here, grapefruit gets softer with quince notes. Tendre in French means soft, and I believe that the name suits very well with the smell coming out of the bottle. chanel3 The perfume has been classified under the floral and fruity family. It has a quite powerful sillage, it lasts almost 6 hours on my skin during the daytime. And, you can feel the sparkling fruity and citrus top notes in every step of this perfume thanks to the undeniable effect of white musk note. If you ever want to have a perfume to feel yourself happy and alive, I strongly recommend you the Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.

Top Notes: Grapefruit-Quince

Middle Notes: Hyacinth, Jasmine

Base notes: Cedarwood, Amber, Iris, White Musk

Make your skın flawless wıth Guerlaın Les Volıettes..

This year has brought many innovations to my life. First of all, I completely changed my mind. Before, I was so obsessed with one brand of cosmetics. And, I used to try to have all the products of that brand. Now, I have started to take a look at other brands, and found out that I have missed a lot until today. Of course, my new life in France and ISIPCA (world’s one of the most important institutions about cosmetics and perfumery), have influenced my life and broadened my horizons.


Today, I want to write about an amazing product from Guerlain. As you can see in the pictures, that is a translucent compact powder. First of all, I was tempted by its fascinating powdery violet smell. It comes out with a chic velvet sleeve and a metallic plastic package as seen in the pictures. I really liked its quite light and transparent texture. It has also mattifying effect which is very well suitable especially for the oily and combined skins. The key point of using a powder is directly related to its level of transparency. The more transparency you have, you will get a more no makeup look. The only thing that made me sad about this product is its long-lastingness in terms of use. So, I think that this product is not suitable to wear every day if you don’t want to buy the same product in every month. Despite its a bit high price and the low amount, I strongly recommend you this amazing light powder.


Don’t forget your skin always deserves the best!!!

Back in the world again..


Hello everyone,

I really am happy to be back again!!! I was too busy to cope with the  graduation issues. Now officially, I am a biology and chemistry engineer. Unfortunately, my life as a scholar is not finished yet. News that I am going to talk about right now may sound a little bit surprising to you. My new home for the next year is going to be Versailles in France!!!! I am very glad to be accepted into the master degree program on cosmetics and fragrances given by a very prestigious organisation which is called as ISIPCA.

Now, I am on my way to accomplish my dreams. My greatest wish is to become a great perfumer. And, I will do everything to have my dream came true. So, as you can see, a long story waits for me to fill in the blanks. From now on, I will try to write my perfumery and cosmetics posts in the most professional manner.

Have a great Sunday!!!

Armani Privé Myrrhe Impériale..

IMG_6300 IMG_6297

When I first smelled this fragrance, I felt myself in a spice bazaar in 17th century. The smell was magical to me. And, the process of smelling the perfume has ended up with a buying process. Myrrhe Impériale is from the latest series of Armani Privé such as “La Collection des Milles et Nuits.” It is a spicy oriental, unisex fragrance in the EDP intense form. The fragrance mainly composed of  natural ingredients like myrrh and benzoin.What I liked about this perfume is its lightness and smoothness despite being composed of heavy molecules like amber, vanilla and myrrh. There is a perfect balance with smoky myrrh and smooth benzoin. Also, it is possible to recognise a peppery scent in the dry-down stage. If you do not know the meaning of dry-down stage, It is only the longest-lasting effect of the scent. In addition to this, the fragrance’s lastingness is quite long about five hours. However, this effect may vary from person to person. For example, you may have a perfect relationship and balance between your skin and the fragrance that may result in late evaporation of the perfume.Here ‘re the ingredients used in this luxury smell!!!

 Notes: Myrrh, Benzoin, Saffron, Pink Pepper, Amber and Vanilla

J’adore Dior..

IMG_6345 IMG_6341

Every woman does some makeup in order to look happy and attractive. In my case, I usually do makeup to feel myself better. Doing some makeup helps to boost my mood. I also like shopping cosmetics a lot. Therefore, I always try to use different brands’ products at the different times of the day. In fact, I categorise my makeup collection based on the area of use. For example, these three Dior babies are my favourite makeup products for a special evening. Usually, I do not like doing glitter makeup during the daylight. So, I usually prefer the glittery products for the special evenings. Here is my review on my favourite Dior products!!

Dior Skin Nude Tan-– This is very high quality sun powder having a long-wear effect. If you want a little bit tanning in your face, using Dior Nude will be the right choice for you. When you apply this powder, you can easily recognise its weightless and smooth texture. I usually apply a moisturiser to my face before using the powder to obtain a more homogeneous distribution. Furthermore, if you have a light skin, you should choose a lighter colour or apply it little as a blusher. For example, I use a little the number ’003 cinnamon’ colour as blusher.

Diorshow Fusion Mono— This is the best long-wear eyeshadow that I have ever used. Since I think that darker colours do not go well with my face, I prefer the lighter ones. And, I bought the number ’001 lune .’ It  gives a glossy and classy look to my eyes. Sometimes, I also use Mac Cosmetics’ paint-out base shadow before applying Diorshow Fusion Mono to increase its opacity a little bit. I highly recommend this product. If you like other colours, there are also seven different colours of it.

Dior Addict Gloss— I usually do not like lip gloss because of several reasons. The most prominent reason is that lip gloss products are too much sticky and make me uncomfortable while using. Furthermore, I feel the existence and weight of the lip gloss all the time on my lips. Again, this makes me feel uncomfortable. However, I should confess that Dior Addict Gloss is the best lip gloss among all other brands. It has also a plumping effect with using a lip pencil.I usually apply this product with a lip pencil very closer to the colour of the lip gloss to obtain more volume. My gloss code is  ’223 Angelique.’


Tom Ford-Velvet Orchid for Women..

IMG_6284 IMG_6272


Hello everyone,

After having some exhausting days, I’m back again with the new feminine fragrance by Tom Ford. I’m so glad to represent this beautiful smell. Actually, I was upset when the Black Orchid was majorly used by men instead of women, because I was in love with that fragrance. However, lucky me!!! A better version of it came into the scene with more feminine notes. Velvet Orchid has a very long lasting effect like other Tom Ford fragrances. During the whole day, it is possible and enjoying to feel the smooth transition between its levels of notes. Another reason that I liked this fragrance so much is the perfumer behind the scene. Yann Vasnier who is the one of my favorite perfumers is in the creation team of this fancy perfume. The fragrance takes its name from the purple orchid accord coming from Brazilian wilds.

As has been in the EDP concentrated form, you can observe the following notes.

 Top Notes: Honey, Bergamot, Rum and Mandarin Orange

 Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Narcissus, Jasmine, Turkish Rose Oil, Black Orchid, Hyacinth, Magnolia, Heliotrope and Purple Orchid

 Base Notes: Labdanum, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Suede and Vanilla

What’s your favourite fragrance commercial?

Marketing is the most efficient key to success in the world of fine fragrances. I think there are a number of people that are attracted by only looking at the bottle’s design or commercials on TV. For long years, I’ve been following Dior’s fragrance commercials. And, I have to say that I’m very impressed by their creativity. The commercial of Dior Homme is one of my favourite commercials among all of the fine fragrances. I’m in love with it!! To be honest, I never smelled Dior Homme, so I cannot comment on it. Sorry for that, but I’ll try and comment on it ASAP!! Enjoy watching the video!!!

A sweet egg..

I really am happy to run into a great youtube channel representing the molecular gastronomy applications. Among the video clips they shared, “Molecular Egg” is one of my favourite molecular gastronomy recipe.

For who doesn’t have any idea about molecular gastronomy, I can only say that It is a new subfield of gastronomy which represents futuristic cooking techniques with using modern tools. For example, you can cook your meal with nitrogen, or you can create lovely fruit juice caviars by using agar agar and sodium alginate. It may seem a little bit frustrating cooking your meals with chemicals instead of naturals.

I also find molecular gastronomy weird and frustrating.But, It is certain that these new techniques will result in more artistic and creative dishes. As seen in the video, one can cook an egg without using itself.. So funny, isn’t it?

For more molecular gastronomy recipes, you can visit the website, http://www.molecule-r.com



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